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Metaphors of Causality and Containment

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Metaphors of Causality and Containment

A talk given by Dominik Lukeš at Social Science Research Seminar at the University of East Anglia. PowerPoint  | Audio

RaAM Workshop: Issues in Researching Metaphor in Discourse


22 March 2007
23 March 2007


University of Castilla-La Mancha (Ciudad Real, Spain)

The newly-formed association for Researching and Applying Metaphor invites you to join its first workshop “Issues in Researching Metaphor in Discourse” to be held in Ciudad Real, Spain (50 minutes from Madrid airport). The two day workshop will consist of four sessions, led by experienced RaAM researchers and involving practical activties and discussion, together with a Round Table event. The RaAM Annual General Meeting will be held during the workshop.

The attendance fee is just 20 euros, 10 euros for students.

George Lakoff speaks metaphors and cognitive models in politics

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In this hour-long lecture presented George Lakoff discusses issues that are elaborated in great detail in his book Moral Politics.

Introductory Readings on Metaphor

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Introductory note:

All the works cited below relate to metaphor beyond the traditional definition of literary criticism. They usually offer a view of metaphor that is both wider and deeper than what we know as one of many tropes and all of them see metaphor as more than just a textual bauble but rather something fundamental for the way we think about the world. Most of them are directly influenced by or broadly compatible with the conceptual or cognitive metaphor theory.

Researching and Applying Metaphor Conference (RaAM6)


10 April 2006
12 April 2006


University of Leeds

Graham Low and Lynne Cameron (University of Leeds) are co-organising the sixth RaAM Conference. RaAM began at York in 1996 and is returning to the north of England (this time at Leeds) for its ten year anniversary, after being hosted with great success in Copenhagen, Tilburg, Tunis and Paris.

The 2006 theme is 'Metaphor in the real world' and the plenary speakers are Prof. Ray Gibbs (Santa Cruz), Baroness Susan Greenfield (Oxford) and Dr Brigitte Nerlich (Nottingham).

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