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        Standard custom O-ring


        O-rings are rubber rings with an "O" shape in cross section. Is the most widely used hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system. It is mainly used to prevent leakage of liquid and gaseous media under static conditions. In some cases, O-rings can also be used as dynamic sealing elements for axial reciprocating motion and low-speed rotary motion. Its simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, easy maintenance, and diverse materials. It can be used as a seal for various fluids such as oil, water and gas. According to different conditions, different materials can be selected to suit them.

        From the perspective of the sealing principle, the O-ring is a squeeze seal. The basic working principle of the squeeze seal is to rely on the elastic deformation of the seal to cause contact pressure on the sealing contact surface. Internal pressure, no leakage occurs, and vice versa.

        O-ring specifications: inner diameter * wire diameter (ID * C / S)

        Optional standards: GB3452.1 series, American standard AS568 series, Japanese standard JIS B 2401 series


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