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        Rubber mould

        Rubber mold


        Precision rubber mold manufacturing

        The application of molding die flow analysis can meet the needs of different product development and design. Through high-speed and accurate cutting (30000 rpm), precision mirror discharge, high-precision wire cutting process technology,

        Combined with three-dimensional detection equipment, high-precision molds are made.

        According to various requirements, various treatment specifications for the surface of the olfactory can be manufactured, ranging from special design patterns such as general sun texture, thunder ray hairline, special pattern of lightening, water drop pattern, ripple ripple pattern, etc. Mirror surface treatment, optical mirror surface treatment, glare mirror surface, electroformed mirror surface.

        High-speed precision carving (30000 rpm), can achieve approximate mechanical polishing function, so that the accuracy and finish can be maintained without distortion.

        Precise mirror discharge, in response to various complex geometric requirements, can produce electrodes with high precision, which can achieve mirror surface and various pattern points on the surface, fully combining the characteristics of appearance design requirements and dimensional precision requirements.

        The high-precision wire cutting process allows many of the original complex corner cutting work to be seamlessly spliced through high-precision wire cutting, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming discharge corner cleaning work.

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