RaAM Workshop: Issues in Researching Metaphor in Discourse


22 March 2007
23 March 2007


University of Castilla-La Mancha (Ciudad Real, Spain)

The newly-formed association for Researching and Applying Metaphor invites you to join its first workshop “Issues in Researching Metaphor in Discourse” to be held in Ciudad Real, Spain (50 minutes from Madrid airport). The two day workshop will consist of four sessions, led by experienced RaAM researchers and involving practical activties and discussion, together with a Round Table event. The RaAM Annual General Meeting will be held during the workshop.

The attendance fee is just 20 euros, 10 euros for students.

To book a place at the workshop, or if you need more information, email: MRosario.Caballero@uclm.es.


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